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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Music Book 42: "Indescribable"
  • Music Book 42: "Indescribable"
    • 14 praise and worship songs  1047-1060
    • Full piano and guitar chords plus lead sheets with guitar chords.
    • A4 size, stapled format
    • Arranged by Jared Haschek B.A., B.Ed. and Nolene Prince B. Mus.
    • The BEST of the BEST songs from around the world – for congregational worship.

     The songs are as follows:

    Number Title Description
    1047 Hosanna This is a good opening song, drawing our attention to God. Up tempo,,middle of the road.
    1048 Indescribable This song is loaded with words of praise and the melody supports it well. Up tempo with a bit of a lilt; but take it easy so that you can get all the words in.
    1049 Majestic Easy to sing; up tempo; congregation friendly; God focused praise.
    1050 Majesty Another good opening song; fast and energetic - typical of the dynamic songs from Planet Shakers. “All majesty to the God of creation.”
    1051 Better Than Life Another fast song with good strong rhythm; not really youth - more middle of the road. Built around the words from the Psalms: “Your loving kindness is better than life.”
    1052 Love the Lord Medium fast. Very easy to sing, this song and its theme come from an important verse not often found in songs – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul ...”
    1053 You Never Let Go (Even Though I Walk) Medium fast. Declaring our trust in God through all circumstances - every high and low, through calm and storm. Great faith builder. It does you good to sing a song like this.
    1054 Oh To See the Dawn (The Power of the Cross) Slow, traditional, hymn-like, British style. A truly heart stirring song that plumbs the depths of the Cross. Brilliant for communion. The whole world should sing this song.
    1055 None But Jesus Medium slow, easy to sing - especially the chorus. Focuses clearly on Jesus. One of those rare, special songs.
    1056 You’re My King Gavin Chan, who wrote this song, is the worship director at Melbourne Worship Centre where this album was recorded. A song from the heart reflecting on the thought that, as great as the attributes of God are, an even greater thing is the knowledge that he is totally sovereign over us - he is our King and Lord. Medium slow.
    1057 Lost in Wonder Medium slow, this song powerfully expresses the wonder we feel as we consider the Cross and all it has done. Ideal for communion.
    1058 Yours is the Kingdom A fast song of total praise, full of energy and vitality. You can get excited about God in this song.
    1059 All the Saints Join In This song was a favorite at the recording night - especially the chorus. It directs our attention to all the saints singing in heaven. Medium pace, building up to an exciting chorus.
    1060 Our God Reigns This is the chorus of the "Delirious" song "Our God Reigns". It is simple and powerful and can be tagged onto many songs. Slow.
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