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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Music Book 40: "Beautiful One"
  • Music Book 40: "Beautiful One"
    • 13 praise and worship songs 1021-1033
    • Full piano and guitar chords plus lead sheets with guitar chords.
    • A4 size, stapled format
    • Arranged by Jared Haschek B.A., B.Ed. and Nolene Prince B. Mus.
    • The BEST of the BEST songs from around the world – for congregational worship.

    The songs are as follows:

    1021 F Beautiful One                      Tim Hughes

    Up tempo. A great opening song of solid praise. Expressing excitement about our love for Jesus and all that he is.

     1022 G  Evermore            Joel Houston

    Up tempo. A song proclaiming our strong commitment to God – “even if my world falls”. From Hillsong.

     1023 D-E               Not Ashamed                    Judson Field and Carl Laurens

    A strong, fast song speaking of our determination to spread the gospel.

     1024 C   That’s Why We Praise Him         Tommy Walker

    Medium pace. Tommy Walker writes excellent songs that focus on Jesus and the cross and this is typical of them. All the right reasons for our praise.

     1025 D   Here Is Love       William Rees; Steve and Vicki Cook

    Medium pace. Steve and Vicki Cook have beautifully rearranged this tremendous old hymn. Powerful words with rare beauty: “Heaven’s peace and perfect justice, kissed a guilty world in love.”

     1026 F   Anthem of Your Praise  Nathan Laurens

    Medium slow. A song of solid praise, leading into the old Pete Sanchez song “I exalt Thee.” 

     1027 Eb Glorify Your Name          Kevin Singleton

    A slow song of worship, very simple.

     1028 A   Majesty               Stuart Garrard and Martin Smith

    A slow song, speaking of the sacrifice of Jesus, with the emphasis and hook in the word “majesty”. Ideal for communion time.

     1029 C   Hallelujah  (Who Made the Stars)           M.W.J.Chapman, J.Scarlet, C. Coulton,& A.Robertson

    A medium pace, lively song from Parachute Music. Very simple, especially the chorus. Good for transition song from fast to slow.

     1030 C   This Life               Gavin Chan

    Up tempo, very contemporary. This song was written in a time of trial, giving to us an inspiring proclamation of faith for our times of adversity. “I believe in …, I believe that ….”

     1031 A   What the World Will Never Take             Matt Crocker, Scott Ligertwood & Marty Sampson

    An up tempo, youth oriented song full of energy and enthusiasm. “I’ve got a Saviour and he’s living in me, Whoa!!” From Hillsong.

     1032 C   Strong Tower     Peter Furler and Steve Taylor

    Medium slow song from the Newsboys. Majestic. sThe measured beat of this song undergirds the rock solid theme of the strong tower we have in our God..

     1033 C   Hallelujah           Marty Sampson and Jonas Myrin

    Medium fast. A rhythmically interesting feel to this song of praise from Hillsong. The Hallelujah section is excellent for times of free worship.

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