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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Music Book 39: "God is Here"
  • Music Book 39: "God is Here"
    • 13 praise and worship songs 1008-1020
    • Full piano and guitar chords plus lead sheets with guitar chords.
    • A4 size, stapled format
    • Arranged by Jared Haschek B.A., B.Ed. and Nolene Prince B. Mus.
    • The BEST of the BEST songs from around the world – for congregational worship.

    The songs are as follows:

    1008   Dance like David                                  Adrian Murley

    From CityLife Church. A good fast opening song with a happy dance rhythm. Expresses joy in the daily blessings of God.

    1009   For all you've done             Reuben Morgan

    Up-tempo, the melody is very singable and memorable. The song centres round why Jesus came, his death and resurrection for us. An exciting chorus with real impetus. From Hillsong.

    1010 He Reigns                 Peter Furler & Steve Taylor

     From ‘The Newsboys’. A mission song for all occasions with a chorus that is powerful, uplifting, moving. People love to sing it. Medium-fast pace.

    1011  Hosanna                    Ollie Sebastian

    Slow. A song of praise, the tuneful verses lead into an uplifting chorus. From the thriving Paradise Church.

    1012  God is here                              Lara Martin

    The title song. The faith-building chorus is a strong proclamation of God’s miraculous powers. Medium-slow pace.

    1013  Running after you                                 Mike Guglielmucci

    From Planet Shakers and consistent with the dynamic youth quality of their songs and the uncompromising “I’m going after God and not turning back” message. Fast

    1014  One way                   Jonathon Douglass and Joel Houston

    From Hillsong and with a similar theme to the previous song. Chorus is simple but strong – “One way, Jesus.” Fast.

    1015  I Believe                    Russell Fragar

    Fast. A good strong faith proclamation from Russell Fragar, a well-known writer formerly from the Australian Hillsong church, now located in the USA.

     1016  Freedom                  Carl & Susanna Laurens

    Country style, easy to sing and proclaiming the simplicity of our freedom in Christ. From CityLife Church.

    1017  Nothing but the blood                       Matt Redman

    The chorus picks up the words of the old hymn with the same name. The result is a powerful contemporary song about the cleansing power of the blood. The meditative verses are strongly contrasted by the proclamation and excitement of the chorus.

    1018  With all I am                           Reuben Morgan

    A beautiful chorus; “Jesus I believe in you”. The song has a strong theme of dedication but can be sung anytime. From Hillsong.

    1019   He will come                          Nolene Prince

    Medium-fast. A song about the second coming of Christ – a much needed theme largely absent from songs in recent years. This song is has excitement and faith as it proclaims that inevitable world-wide event.

    1020  How great is our God                          Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves & Ed Cash

    A wonderful song of praise for the splendour of God’s greatness – not difficult.


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