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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • CD: Supplement 44 "No Sweeter Name"
  • CD: Supplement 44 "No Sweeter Name"
    • 13 praise and worship songs 1074-1086
    • Recorded live - produced by Adrian Murley
    • The BEST of the BEST songs from around the world – for congregational worship.
    • With Bb/Eb music PLUS song text files

    Churches in Kyabram - producer Adrian Murley’s home town – got together for this live recording. These events are always inspiring. Adrian’s 11 year old son Jack played drums – you can see his picture on the front cover. It was a wonderful time, God honouring praise and worship. Jesus name lifted high.

    The songs are as follows:






    Let It Rise

    Holland Davis

    This is a great opening song - a call to worship. Fast and easy.


    My Saviour Lives

    Jon Egan and Glenn Packiam

    A lively song; strong yet simple. At the heart a fiery declaration; "I know that my Redeemer lives, and now I stand on what he did." Fast.


    Shout It Out

    Jeremy Scott

    A fast song of exhortation "Shout it out, the world needs to know!" It has a youth flavour but it is not restricted to that.


    Great is Your Faithfulness

    Adrian Murley

    A medium pace song with a strong chorus that is easy to sing. Adrian Murley is the producer of the album.


    No Sweeter Name

    Kari Jobe

    Medium fast. Very Jesus centred - succinctly spells out several aspects of Jesus' nature. A congregation will quickly pick up this lovely, lilting melody.


    Your Name

    Paul Baloche and Glenn Packiam

    Slow. Straightforward musically, the song draws our attention to the supremacy and power of the name of Jesus.


    There Is A River

    Lindell Cooley and Jessie Rodgers

    Medium fast. A Southern gospel feel to this redemption/cross focused song. Consider getting the congregation to shout the words "washed my sins away!!!"


    You Alone Are God

    Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding

    Medium. The supremacy of God. The congregation will particularly enjoy the chorus and bridge: "You alone are God ... reign in all the earth."


    The Glory of the Cross

    Nolene Prince

    Medium slow. Builds through a meaningful redemption focus and culminates in a coda that provides excellent opportunity for worship.


    At The Cross

    Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan

    Medium. Beautiful words and beautiful music. The words take us on a journey from introspection to a strong affirmation of faith.


    Saviour King

    Mia Fieldes and Marty Sampson

    Slow. Hymn-like, with strong vivid words: "You asked your Son to carry this, the heavy Cross, our weight of sin". Builds solidly. A unique song.


    Glory to God

    Paul Zaia and Oliver Sebastian

    Slow. Dramatic anthem-like; God focused with a grand climax.



    Chris Tomlin

    Medium. The essence of the song is found in the repeated words: "You never change, you never fail, O God." Very simple to sing.

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