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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Book: "I Was Wrong: Why the World's Most Notorious Atheist Called It Quits"
  • Book: "I Was Wrong: Why the World's Most Notorious Atheist Called It Quits"
  • I Was Wrong—Why the World's Most Notorious Atheist Called It Quits ... And Other Trouble for The New Atheism

    By Dennis Prince

    The seeds of this book were planted, ironically, because of a Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia. Troubled that such an event should be held in his city, Dennis Prince decided to publish a one-off newspaper, The Regal Standard, as a counter to the Convention and to answer questions that would be raised. However, it is not a philosophical document, but rather a dynamic collection of God-intervention stories, alongside nuts and bolts answers to common questions.  More than 80,000 copies of the paper were distributed, and its success inspired an expansion into this book.

    Graciously but decisively, each chapter presents the atheist or agnostic with well documented God interventions in the lives of a kaleidoscope of people, each revealing God in a special and unique way.

    The Christian too will be challenged and inspired by the resource, and better equipped to carry out their God-given mandate.

    Insights from the worlds of:

    • atheists and former atheists,
    • scientists,
    • miracles,
    • sexual issues,
    • demonic forces,
    • gaming addiction,
    • heavenly visions,
    • angels,
    • inspired song-writing,
    • Hinduism and Islam
    • and more.
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