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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Book: "Awakening to the Big Picture"
  • Book: "Awakening to the Big Picture"
  • Awakening to the Big Picture compiled by Pastor Dennis Prince

    113 pages

    There is a Big Picture out there. Much of it we cannot see, but it is there. God has a plan for us. It is a glorious plan, long in the making, a plan that has each of us in his sights, to bring us right to his side to benefit from his kindness, secure a place for us in heaven, and launch us as co-workers with him.

    This book will assist you in playing your part in that plan. It has two parts: 

    • Firstly - eleven short topics on the fundamental foundations of the faith—essential understanding for every believer. (The contents of the booklet Awakening) 
    • Secondly, the Big Picture—deeper but vital realities - the core of them is sometimes called “New Creation Truth”. Little understood in much of Christendom, this is an indispensable foundation for the subsequent topics of divine authority, healing and deliverance. The new creation message opens glorious and liberating doors to every believer, enabling each one to understand how to “come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in a time of need”. (Hebrews 4:16 - NKJV)

    This book is a treasure chest of divine truth, to be embraced and passed on to others.


    First section:

    • Salvation,
    • Baptism,
    • The Holy Spirit,
    • The New Creation,
    • Discipleship,
    • Putting Things Right,
    • Prayer and Faith,
    • Serving God,
    • God and Sex,
    • The Family,
    • The End of the World,
    • Heaven and Hell,
    • The Bible: How We Know It is True.

    Second section:

    • In the Heavenlies (Dr Ken Chant)
    • The New Creation (Pastor Dennis Prince)
    • Five Keys of Authority (Pastor Leo Harris)
    • Your Faith is Power (Pastor Leo Harris)
    • Divine Healing (Pastor Dennis Prince)
    • Deliverance Ministry (Pastor Dennis Prince)
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