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"Resource plays a vital role in providing fresh, God exalting songs for church worship"
Darlene Zschech
Darlene Zschech
  • Book: "Awakening"
  • Book: "Awakening"
  • Awakening

    By Dennis Prince

    65 pages

    1-5 copies: $4.99 per copy

    6-99 copies: $1.99 per copy

    100+ copies: $1.00 per copy

    This booklet came into being when my senior pastor Danny Parker asked me to put together some foundations pamphlets for new converts. We eventually decided it was tidier to combine them into this booklet.

    It works well for our church - for new Christians, foundational studies, etc., and we also put a copy in our visitors’ welcome packs.


    • Salvation,
    • Baptism,
    • The Holy Spirit,
    • The New Creation,
    • Discipleship,
    • Putting Things Right,
    • Prayer and Faith,
    • Serving God,
    • God and Sex,
    • The Family,
    • The End of the World,
    • Heaven and Hell,
    • The Bible: How We Know It Is True.
  • $4.99